One Bag to Rule Them All

As a photographer, have you ever wished you could pack around your camera, some essential lenses, your iPad, iPhone, 15″ MacBook Pro, and other odds and ends in ONE bag?  Does such a bag even exist?

15EverydayMessengerShoreThe masterminds at Peak Design came up with what I believe is the answer: The 15″ Everyday Messenger. I’ve owned various camera bags over the years, each with their own pros and cons.  Where other bags have fallen short, the Peak Design bag excels.

The first thing I noticed with the Everyday Messenger was its superior build quality.  The bag “feels” different–probably due to the water resistant treatment they protect it with from the factory.

15EverydayMessengerStrapThe strap is literally made out of ‘seatbelt’, strong yet smooth.  The buckle system makes it a breeze to shorten and extend the strap while on the go.  The bag itself is thin and light–not “puffy” and “foamy” like other bags.  Don’t get me wrong–Peak Design didn’t skimp on protection. The bag is constructed with space-age, high-density material that keeps your gear well protected.


Inside the bag are removable dividers that use a hook-n-latch (not “Velcro”) material to stay in place.  What makes these dividers different from others is their origami-like fold patterns which allow them to stand all the way up, fold into a shelf at the half-way point, or both–depending on your needs.  On the back side of the bag is a zipper that opens into a thin compartment capable of holding a 15″ MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone–each in their own area.  The top flap of the bag is secured via an amazing magnetic latching buckle system.  I don’t want to name names, because Canon might get mad, but I own a camera bag whose top flap uses Velcro.  Once, I was the photographer at a solemn memorial ceremony.  I cringed at the ripping noise the Velcro made.  Not cool.  If you need into the main compartment, there’s a zipper on the flap that gets you there real quick–or simply open the top flap and reach inside–without ANY noise whatsoever!15EverydayMessenger

I use a Canon 80D with battery grip and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached.  The main compartment is deep enough to vertically stow my camera (with long lens attached).  Alternatively, I could fold the origami-like dividers and create a “shelf” to store the camera horizontally.

The front compartment of the bag has lots of little pockets, which happen to be the same size as camera batteries and memory cards.  Some pockets have green stitching, some have red.  Why?  Dead batteries and full memory cards go in the red pockets, and fresh ones go in the green pockets.

15EverydayMessengerBikeNeed a camera bag (with a lifetime guarantee) that carries your photo gear, and your 15″ MacBook Pro?  You won’t go wrong with the 15″ Everyday Messenger from Peak Design.  For more info (yes–there’s more this bag can do I didn’t tell you about), check out their YouTube video!



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