Three Photography Gift Ideas

Need some quick gift ideas for someone who’s into photography?

In this post, we’ll discuss 3 gifts any photography enthusiast will love!

#1.  A light 

Sounds pretty basic, right?  Well, anyone who’s into photography knows that the better the light, the better the photo.  When shooting indoors, maybe doing product photography, having the right lighting is essential.  Sometimes a “flash” isn’t the right light—instead a nice soft constant light could be perfect, depending on what’s being photographed.  This light won’t disappoint:

The Falcon Eyes SO-28TD

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 12.28.05 PMThis light has a built-in diffuser, so it’s not “harsh”.  It can be used with a battery or via the included wall plug—so it’s versatile.  The color temperature is adjustable for “warm” to “white” tones.  It doesn’t get “hot” either–because it’s LED.  Finally, you can adjust how bright it is.

A light like this will give your shutterbug lots of control over their light—and they’ll appreciate you for it!

Check out the Falcon Eyes So-28TD on Amazon!


#2.  JOBY Gorillapod 


This massively versatile tool is something every photographer would love to have in their kit.  This one even comes with it’s own ball head—so attaching a camera is a breeze.  Sometimes as photographers, we just want to go shoot—we don’t want to pack up our tripods, monopod, and a bunch of ball heads and video heads, and so on, and so forth.  That sounds too much like work.  Sometimes we just wanna get out there and have fun.  This little tripod is hefty enough to pack around a pretty meaty camera (11 pound payload), but small enough to toss in a bag!  The bendy, grippy legs make them perfect for setting up a camera on uneven terrain like rocks and uneven ground like you’d encounter out on a hike.  It’s small enough to perch on a table or a desk.  You can wrap the grippy legs around tree branches or sign posts for unique angles and shots.  Pros like Peter McKinnon and Casey Neistat use these when vlogging! 

The point is, this grippy little Joby Gorillapod is super useful, and any photographer would be happy to have it in their kit!

#3.  A hard drive  

Wait.  What?  I thought we were talking about photography gear!?  Well, what do photographers create?  Photos and videos!  Where do they get stored?  As a photographer, I know I produce thousands of photos each year.  Some I delete.  But most I save.  Why?  I dunno—maybe I’m a packrat.  But the point is, neither my laptop nor cloud storage locations have infinite room to store all those photos and videos.  Where do all those photos and videos go then?

4TB Hard Drive

This little drive holds 4TB of stuff, and it’s “rugged” (the rubberized case protects it from bumps).  Why is the “rugged” thing important?  Because the insides of hard drives are very fragile—and if you bump one (drop it, bang it around) those fragile components can break—rendering your hard drive useless. Having that rubberized case gives you a little bit more peace of mind, and having 4TB of storage will put a giant smile on your shutterbug’s face!  For more info about this “LaCie Rugged Mini 4TB” hard drive on Amazon, click this link.

For some more ideas, check out this tripod, camera bag, and camera strap!

How do I know these gifts are right for someone who’s into photography?  Because I’m a photographer, and I know I’d be grateful to receive these gifts for a birthday present or during the holiday season!


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