Get a “Grip” on Your DJI Ronin-S

Having trouble getting a “handle” on things when you roll video with your Ronin-S?  Do feel like you need to get a “grip” when filming?

Ok—I’ll stop with the bad puns.

All kidding aside, I recently purchased the DJI Ronin-S gimbal. I mounted my Canon 80D to it, and so far I love it!

One downside to the rig as a whole, is how heavy it is. With the built-in tripod feet folded in, the gimbal handle is effectively longer–a good design–but even then, it’s still awkward to manipulate.

I Googled to see if there was something on the market that could make my DJI Ronin-S a little easier to use, like an extra handle or something.

I found the Zhiyun Mini Dual Grip handle!

IMG_0282.jpgThe handle arm is made of sturdy aluminum, and it feels very high quality. It’s the same color as the DJI Ronin-S, so even though it’s not a “DJI” branded product, it looks right at home when connected. The handle is “grippy”, similar to the Ronin S’s grippy handle material. It also includes an adjustable hand strap which is pretty cool! At the top portion of the handle is another mount where I can put a monitor, mic, or light if needed. Pretty handy.

IMG_0329Connecting the Zhiyun Mini Dual Grip to the Ronin-S is very simple:  The Zhiyun handle gets sandwiched between the Ronin-S handle, and the tripod attachment.

To hook it up:

  1. Unscrew the tripod legs from the Ronin-S handle
  2. Connect the Zhiyun handle to the bottom of the DJI Ronin-S handle using the built-in quarter-twenty
  3. Reconnect the tripod legs to the bottom of the Zhiyun handle

The mount points have rubberized pads–so once you get it all put together, the handle stays locked in place and doesn’t move.

IMG_0332Using the gimbal with two side-by-side handles is a whole new (better) experience! 

It’s much easier to “fly” my camera around!  

With the Zhiyun handle attached to the Ronin-S, I feel like I have more control, and as a result, I get smoother footage, and my arms don’t get as tired as fast.

I’m really glad I bought the Zhiyun Mini Dual Grip, Transmount Single Handle Grip L Bracket.  

The price is fair as well, especially given the quality of the materials Zhiyun used.  At the time of this writing, the Zhiyun Mini Dual Grip is only $39 on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a better experience with your DJI Ronin-S, I highly recommend getting this handle attachment from Zhiyun!


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