Hi! I’m Russell Robinson, and I’ve been into photography since I was a kid. Back in the ’70’s and ’80’s, I used my parents’ Minolta, Kodak, and Polaroid cameras. In the 90’s I shot with an Olympus film camera among other things. In the 2000’s I finally graduated to digital. Click here to see what cameras and gear I use these days.

I’ve been recognized by several organizations for my photography work, including the Washington State Secretary of State, the Thurston County Youth Football League, the Washington State Combined Fund Drive Program, and the Thurston County Boys and Girls Club.

I’ve been a trusted Thumbtack Professional since 2019, and also featured as one of the highest-rated photographers in Olympia by Snappr. Some of my clients include Bring a Trailer, Doordash, and Cars and Bids to name a few.

I enjoy researching photography related information, and built this site to share what I’ve learned.

Got photography questions? Email me!

What Does “KewlTek” Mean?

I’m not only a photographer, but also a tech geek. Tech is all around us. It helps us, and changes how we view the world. I think the tech we use to create images, music, and video is cool.

“KewlTek” is just my way of saying, “Cool Tech”.

Want to work with me?

For inquiries, and to see examples of my work, check out my other site: https://kewltekphotography.com

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