Photo on 11-8-18 at 5.11 PM #2-3Hi!  I’m Russell Robinson, a photographer in Lacey, WA.  Thanks for checking out my site!  I hope you find the content useful!

So what is “KewlTek” anyway?  It’s just me goofing around with an alternate way to say, “Cool Tech”.  In addition to being a photographer, I’m also an IT specialist.  I’ve been into “cool tech” toys for years–and it never gets old!  Since I enjoy playing with tech toys, “KewlTek” summarizes how I feel about tech.

If you want to see pricing, reviews, and in-depth info about the camera gear I blog about, be sure to click the links. Some of the links point to Amazon.com, and  Peak Design’s website where you’ll be able to read more reviews, check detailed specs, and see the pricing of the stuff I talk about.

If you want to see some of my photography, have a look at my SmugMug site or my Instagram page, @KewlTek_Photo.



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