One Camera Bag to Rule Them All!

Have you ever wished you could pack your camera, some essential lenses, your iPad, iPhone, 15″ MacBook Pro, and other odds and ends in ONE bag? The 15″ Everyday Messenger from Peak Design can do it! It’s now the only camera bag I use. It really is the one camera bag to rule them all!  


It looks like Peak Design no longer makes the 15″ version of this camera bag–only a newer ‘version 2″ of the 13″ bag. However, you can still find the 15″ version on Amazon.

–End Update

The Problem

This camera bag isn't too small, isn't too big--it's just right!

Have you ever had to pack around your tech toys and camera gear in separate bags during trips that involved flying? It ain’t fun, trust me. I wanted ONE bag or my laptop, camera, and essential lenses. As a result, I searched online for hours, and even bought several different types of bags–but none of them ever seemed to fully meet my needs. Sound familiar?

One bag I bought was a gigantic backpack [Amazon Link] that fit my laptop plus my camera gear. But it was really big and bulky–and not airplane friendly. In addition, it didn’t offer “quick access” to anything. To get things out of the backpack, I had to take it off, set it down, unzip a bunch of compartments, fish out my camera, zip it all back up, put it back on, and continue on my way. Too big and cumbersome.

Other camera bags are too small to accommodate my Canon 80D with 70-200mm lens attached (which is my favorite setup). And my laptop? Yeah–that ain’t happening. To fit my camera gear in small bags, I have to detach my long lens and attach a smaller lens to my camera. Each time I get out my camera, I have to fiddle with the lenses to reattach the 70-200mm. In addition, I need a second bag for my laptop and other stuff. So not convenient.

I almost gave up–figuring I’d just have to settle for “good enough”… And then I found it! The one camera bag to rule them all!

This camera bag rules!

The Solution

The masterminds at Peak Design engineered The 15″ Everyday Messenger which lets me pack around my 15″ MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, cables, Canon 80D with battery grip and 70-200mm lens attached, and 5 other lenses, battery chargers, memory cards, etc. If you don’t need to pack around a 15” laptop like I do, they make a smaller, less expensive, 13” version [Amazon Link]. I’ve owned various bags over the years, each with their own pros and cons.  Where other bags have fallen short, the Peak Design bag excels. Amazon reviewers rate this thing with 5-Stars! Watch this video to “see” what this bag can do:


It’s not the most expensive nor is it the most budget friendly camera bag at around $219. When it was first released, it was $250. Initially, my wife vetoed me buying it because of how expensive it was. I simply reminded her that it costs far less than the sum total of her Coach purse collection—each of which were around $200. 🤣 Sometimes it just takes a little perspective!

Best. Camera. Bag. Ever.

Build Quality

The first thing I noticed about the 15″ Everyday Messenger was its superior build quality.  Peak Design believes in its build quality so much they give it a lifetime guarantee! Since it has a “flap”, not a sealed enclosure, the bag isn’t waterproof, but it is water resistant, due to the special coating applied to it.

There's so many ways this camera bag rules them all--and the strap is no exception.

The Strap and Buckle

The strap is literally made out of ‘seatbelt’, so it’s strong and smooth.  The metal buckle system makes it a breeze for you to shorten and extend the strap while on the go.  If you need access to the main compartment, just slide the buckle down so the bag rests on your hip, making it easier to get into. To get the bag out of your way, just slide the buckle up–shortening the belt–and sling the bag around to your back.

Protection for your Camera Gear

The bag is thin and light–not “puffy” and “foamy” like other bags.  Don’t get me wrong–Peak Design didn’t skimp on protection. The bag is constructed with some sort of space-age, high-density material that keeps camera gear well protected.

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Inside the bag are flexible, removable divider inserts that use a hook-n-latch material to stay in place.      

What makes these dividers different from others is their origami-like fold patterns. As a result, you can configure them to stand up, fold into a shelf at the half-way point, or both–depending on your needs.

On the back side of the bag is a zipper that reveals a slim compartment that holds my 15″ MacBook Pro, my iPad, and my iPhone–each in their own area.

Quiet Operation

I don’t want to name names, (because Canon might get mad), but I once owned a camera bag whose top flap was secured with Velcro.  Once, while photographing a quiet, solemn, memorial ceremony, I needed to switch lenses. I unclipped the buckles, then went to open the top flap. I cringed at the ripping noise the Velcro made.  So did several of the event attendees. NOT cool.  

The top flap of the Everyday Messenger bag is secured via an amazing (and quiet) magnetic latching buckle system.  I can open the top flap and reach inside–without ANY noise whatsoever! When I need into the main compartment, but don’t want to open the flap, I quietly unzip the zipper on the top of the flap and reach inside. No need to completely open the top flap!

This bag can store a Canon 80D with 70-200mm lens attached, and still has room for much more!

Organized Storage

I use a Canon 80D with battery grip and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached.  The main compartment is deep enough to vertically stow my camera (with long lens attached).  Alternatively, I could fold the origami-like dividers and create a “shelf” to store the camera horizontally.

The front compartment of the bag has lots of little pockets, which happen to be the same size as camera batteries and memory cards.  Some pockets have green stitching, some have red.  Why?  Because dead batteries and full memory cards go in the red pockets, and fresh ones go in the green pockets.



If you’re in the market for a camera bag that can store your 15″ laptop, along with a DSLR with 70-200 (long) lens attached, plus a bunch of other gear, give this bag a look. I know it costs a bit more up front–but after trying 3 or 4 other bags that just didn’t satisfy, this one is head and shoulders above the rest. You can’t really go wrong, I mean, this camera bag comes with a lifetime guarantee!  You won’t go wrong with an Everyday Messenger from Peak Design.  If you’re interested in their newer 13″ version, check out their video:

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